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Badminton racket line introduction
Date:2014-09-04   Source:   Author:   Popularity:
      Badminton racket line? Many amateurs may be not what concept, badminton racket line is not in the racket on it? Do we need to buy separate? Ha ha, this you will see that you are an outsider.
      Badminton racket line is a kind of very important in badminton supplies. The players each correct hitting only touches the badminton is shot line. Every shot quality feeling will directly by the racket strings passed to the bat then arrived at the player's hand. According to the style of play and the players currently playing level, chose to make line fits and beat line tension is very important. The basic characteristics of the strings are durability, flexibility, impact sound, ball control and shock absorption. The performance characteristics of different manufacturers will take line to form 5 sides of the performance in the racket strings on the packaging. Choose what you need the highest index strings can be. For example, if the pursuit of durability, then choose the highest strings durability index. If the pursuit of high elasticity, it is required to choose elastic directly under the highest line. Generally speaking, the winter should use a slightly rough strings a little, because the winter temperature is low, the strings become relatively brittle, easily broken. Summer shoot line selection can be random. The same material circumstances, more thick line is more durable (durable), linear elastic more fine is bigger, more durable.
      A badminton racket line, you Is it right? Some understanding?